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How to get engaged after Covid-19. The Practical Approach vs the Surprise Approach

Lydia McCarthy-Keen

How to get engaged after Covid-19. The Practical Approach vs the Surprise Approach

The Daily Telegraph recently asked me if I thought Covid-19 had impacted the way couples are getting engaged, and if so, how?

Up to now, it's been expected for men to produce a surprise engagement ring. But for modern couples where both parties are financial providers, women increasingly want a say.

This has left men in a sort of limbo - expected to produce a romantic surprise, but nervous to make the wrong choice.

The Surprise Approach

Some men go ahead and buy or design their own engagement ring as a surprise. 

This high risk, high reward strategy is popular with Type A personalities and those who are a little more adventurous.

Done well, it can make for magic, but I often see guys make the same avoidable mistakes with this strategy.

How to Surprise Her

One of the best ways to get all the magic of a surprise proposal without buying the wrong ring is to propose with a temporary ring and at the same time, announce that you've organised a ring design experience so she can design her own ring. If you want to know more, click here

If you prefer to go it alone, it's important to find a balance between being original, and playing it safe. If you tend towards the original, remember that lots of coloured stones and unusual, swirling designs are uncommon choices for a reason. 

If you tend towards playing it safe, you could be tempted to settle for a solitaire because it's classic. 

However, your girlfriend might prefer a classic with a vintage edge, or need an oval shape to make her feel more confident about showing off her 'fat fingers', so keep in mind that most women want a combination of something classic with subtle unique elements.

If you're not sure how to be both classic and original at the same time, a good designer can help you get this done.

The Practical Approach

Some men opt for pure practicality, and have their girlfriend choose her own engagement ring.

This is either through fear of getting it wrong, a genuine disinterest in jewellery, or a lady who is scared to get something she doesn't like. 

On the one hand, this works but on the other, it lacks a certain flair and is a bit of a missed opportunity during one of life's milestones.


How to be Practical

If you decide to let your girlfriend choose her own ring, remember to propose with it! 

I made an engagement ring recently for a client who decided to let his girlfriend take care of everything, and he was just the wallet. 

When the ring was ready, I preserved a little mystery by telling her it was ready, but only sending the videos to him. He missed the cue and forwarded the videos to her!

Here's what she said, and I quote:

''Hi Lydia, he sent me the video and I think it would be good for the ring to be sent to him [at work] - I don't suppose I'll get proposed to, but I'm hoping this will materialise!''

If you'd like more tips on how to surprise her well, hit reply for a short chat.



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