Should I Design my own Engagement Ring?

Should I Design my own Engagement Ring?

Are you thinking about designing a bespoke, custom made engagement ring?

As a London-based bespoke engagement ring designer, I've met many people who benefit from designing their own, custom engagement ring, and many for whom the experience isn't suitable for.

Based on this experience, I have found that there are 3 types of people who really should consider designing their own engagement ring, the thinking mistakes they are susceptible to, and how to handle them.

Read on to discover the archetypes, and whether or not a bespoke engagement ring is the right choice for you.



The 3 types of people who should consider designing their own bespoke, custom made engagement ring.


Type 1 - The Future Nostalgic

Do you love looking over old photos? Do you and your partner reminisce about your 1st dates, trips, or experiences together? Do you believe long-standing friendships are stronger because of all you've been through?

If any of these descriptions resonate, then you could be a Future Nostalgic - designing your own engagement ring might be right for you.

Future Nostalgics are experiential people, and unsentimental over physical possessions. They have no problem having a de-clutter, and don't tend to be collectors of paraphernalia.

Whilst they love and covet nice things as much as the next person, they are relatively free from feeling overly attached to physical possessions. Despite being termed nostalgic, they tend to live in, and for, the future.

What Future Nostalgics value the most are the experiences which connect them to those they love. It's in this spirit that physical possessions hold meaning for them, and they love nothing more than to surprise their favourite person.

For Future Nostalgics, designing a bespoke engagement ring offers them the opportunity to connect to their engagement experience more deeply, within themselves, and with each other.


The Pitfalls

Because Future Nostalgics are unsentimental by nature and are often impatient to seize the day, they can be tempted to dismiss designing their own bespoke engagement ring as an option.

Not knowing how to go about it and questioning their creativity, it can feel overwhelming.

This is a great shame for them given their deeper values, as they are likely to get more out of the experience than they realise, and will treasure it long into the future.


How to Design a Bespoke Engagement Ring for Future Nostalgics

When I make a custom engagement ring for those who resonate most with the Future Nostalgic architype, I pepper the design process with surprises.

Little gifts might turn up in the post, or you'll arrive for what you think is just a simple ring measurement, only to discover something cool accompanies it!


Type 2 - The Keeper

Keepers are deeply connected to their physical possessions. They might have in their possession old ticket stubs, wristbands from festivals, or collect antiques.

Treasured possessions help them feel connected to the important memories, experiences, and people in their lives. They tend to value tradition, and enjoy the concept of passing things down the generations.

For Keepers, some of their most treasured possessions are tinged with a sense of sacrifice. Things that required effort and strength to acquire hold deep value for them.

Designing a bespoke engagement ring allows Keepers to create their own tradition and imbue it with meaningful effort.

The fruits of their labour connect them to deep purpose, and they take great pride in sharing this effort with their loved ones and future generations.


The Pitfalls

Because Keepers are naturally sentimental, they might experience difficulty finding the best engagement ring designer for them.

Many designers tend to be overly practical, centring the design experience around choosing diamond specs, metal types and budgets etc.

Whilst every engagement ring designer will consider the practicalities, a really good one will understand the importance of connecting the physical ring to the history of a Keeper couple.


How to Design a Bespoke Engagement Ring for Keepers

When I design a custom engagement ring for those who resonate most with the Keeper architype, I may incorporate antique stones, secret inscriptions, or a design based on a shared memory or concept only discernible to the couple.


Type 3 - The Exclusivist

Exclusivists may be drawn to bespoke engagement rings because of their deep appreciation for craft and admiration for artisans over brands.

They are sensitive - often conscious of their money as energy which has the power to do good or ill in terms of what they support.

Whilst Exclusivists may not be artists themselves, they feel most alive and connected with objects and experiences that contain elements of refined, artistic flair.

Going to a restaurant is less about eating, more about experiencing art through food.

Likewise, the Exclusivist is likely to covet a tailor made suit, fantasise about commissioning a bespoke piece of art, or cherish a vintage 96 bottle they picked up from a little-known organic family vineyard in Bordeaux 3 years ago.

The Exclusivist does not have wacky taste - they tend to shy away from anything too eccentric, although it's important to them to be able to express their individuality in a curated, refined manner. 

Designing a bespoke engagement ring allows Exclusivists to celebrate their individuality and love of tailored luxury, whilst supporting artisans or a bigger cause they care about, such as ethical diamonds.


The Pitfalls

Because Exclusivists are not drawn to the very unique or eccentric, they may wonder if a bespoke engagement ring is the right path.

While it's true that Exclusivists do prefer elegance and require a timeless quality to their engagement ring, they also connect strongly with that which honours their individual quirks and needs.


How to Design a Bespoke Engagement Ring for Exclusivists

When I design a custom engagement ring for those who resonate most with the Exclusivist architype, I may make metal width adjustments according to their particular hand shape, have stones cut with a particular faceting pattern which speaks to them, or set stones lower to the finger than normal to sit comfortably under a treasured pair of gloves.


Did you recognise a bit of yourself in any of the archetypes? 


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