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The One Method™

What is The One Method?

The One Method™ is a time-tested, five step methodology which reveals the perfect engagement ring for any individual.

Instead of relying on a sales pitch about diamond specifications, metal types, and gem qualities, The One Method™ is a framework which reveals the one true engagement ring perfect for the wearer, and allows you to create it.

When you propose with the perfect engagement ring, you re-evaluate, reset, and re-energise your relationship, and get to spend the rest of your life with the one person who matters the most. 

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''An exciting, unexpected, and beautiful experience.''

How The One Method™ Works

Most methods for choosing an engagement ring involve a mixture of self-directed research, asking friends, and guesswork, none of which guarantees a sense of enchantment which lasts a lifetime.

The perfect engagement ring and proposal experience creates (and sustains) within the couple's life, the Four E's:

Excitement, Enchantment, Embracement, and Enjoyment.

The One Method™ is a five step method which:

Explores the THEMES which underpin the wearer's wants and needs. The analysis delves into lifestyle, taste, skin colour, wardrobe, and aesthetic.

HONOURS both the proposer and the wearer - their taste, their budget, and their values, and ENCAPSULATES the themes within one perfect engagement ring design before scouring the earth for a ONE-OF-A-KIND diamond or gemstone.

Once the gem has been sourced, an exact replica of the engagement ring is made during the NAIL IT phase of the process. This allows the proposer or couple to check their piece before we craft it by-hand in our London workshop.

As part of the final step, ETERNITY, all engagement rings include lifetime warranty, 12 month maintenance, complimentary resizing, care and cleaning advice, valuation report, and insurance support and guidance.

Completing The One Method™ guarantees a proposal filled with excitement and enchantment, where you can embrace and enjoy each other forever.

‘‘My first proposal was in 2004. I sat down with an independent jeweller who fed me some lines about the 4C’s, with a fifth being ‘confidence in your jeweller’. I swallowed every word, and was more careful this time - I feel I’ve got a top notch engagement ring from a genuinely lovely person.’’

Richard E, Investment Director. Shropshire

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''I wish we met Lydia the first time around. My husband bought me a ring I wasn't that wild about, so we decided to upgrade later. What a difference from the first experience!''

Serena Sabala, author and co-founder of Whole Shift Wellness. London

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''It's the most special and stunningly beautiful piece of jewellery I've ever worn.''

Elly Suh, world-renowned violinist. New York

''I definitely knew that this had to be right...

I thought, 'she's got to impress me... but she made feel comfortable straight away.''

‘‘Lydia helped me so much. My understanding of diamonds was limited, but she explains everything in a way which was easy to understand. I was fortunate to have the guidance of someone knowledgeable and professional.’’

Benjamin Daly, #1 Amazon best-selling author. London